Aldie- de- goa...


Overview: The II tier and III tier cities of India are in demand for the urban planners for affordable IT parks and the professionals associated with IT industries. Bombolim, Goa is one such lively city which caters to the tourist as well as IT professionals. Aldie-de-Goa is our Exotic presentation, the R.C.C Structure and civil finish is a combination of elements, we have designed and constructed the walls/floors/ceilings with form that create décor for lobby space balcony.

All the interior space are refined by its sizes and space, proportions, structure all enhance the quality of the surrounding space. Efforts have been taken to create various levels by using steps. Wall cladding and coloring handsomely increase the internal decor. Arched stone windows with glass presents a physical but visually dissolved barrier, there by allowing the interplay of the inside with the outside.

The sit-out balconies have railings of moulded RCC balusters and huge conical round moulds being supported by the footing, beautifully placed in the balconies and garden fencing. Its one of the premium super luxury project in Goa that has changed the hospitality business.